Changing ways…

How have social and technological changes influenced the various domains and roles of students?  Are there more or fewer roles and domains today, or has there been no change?  Do you feel that students are better off today than they were 50 years ago?  Why or why not?  

Social and technological changes have created huge differences between students today and students of the past. Students today can access information instantly almost anywhere in the world. They are able to know what is happening (current events that are important, and many that aren’t) at any place in the world through today’s technologies. In the past, this was very difficult if not impossible in some places. Information was at the local library. Current events were known only by word of mouth and by news print (many articles and information could have been biased.) For example, today, any biases are very hard to slip by the public because there are many opinions about the same subject that can be accessed instantly. Students are no longer as narrow minded as they once were because the internet has opened us all to new ideas. Just by being exposed to so many different people, videos, documentaries, informational websites etc; we are exposed to differing ideas on a daily basis. Now, does this mean we are better off? Certainly we have to have a standard of comparison. We are definitely making more progress-what ever that is defined to be-as humans. But there are many bad things that can come about from being too connected as well. For example, people are an easier target of mass ridicule for their beliefs, but can also find a mass of support at the same time. Our interconnections can be as harmful as they are helpful. In terms of socially changing, I don’t believe that the internet has been a good thing to the external social world. Students no longer have to argue or support their arguments in person in real time and if things an interaction gets too difficult then it is easy to leave a webpage or talk. In order to grow academically and personally, backing up your ideas is a very important skill. This is just one example of a negative impact of the internet. We as students must use the internet with a more serious and responsibility oriented nature. A cliche can sum it up best: with great power, comes great responsibility.



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