Meta-cognition and Information Literacy

I believe it is very important to think about thinking. Understanding one’s thought process can help them try different routes to learning a concept when they are stuck on that concept and don’t seem to be “getting” it. For example, in math, when learning about functions, there are a few different ways to think about the concept. You can think about it visually(with a graph) or analytically or as a block box etc. There are often many different representations to the same concept and one must be aware of which concept they access when thinking about that subject. This is the case in information literacy. We are learning in class that there are many ways of obtaining information. In class, we learned about database searching which to me is one of the coolest ways of looking for information. In the past, I would mainly use google (as I’m sure most people do) to find information. But this is not always the best approach. After being shown a new way of thinking about finding information, I am better able to find what I want to know. Unfortunately in society these days, thinking is not as valuable as one might think. We do not pay our philosophers hundreds of thousands of dollars (although the paycheck of an occupation is only one measure of its worth, I think this puts things in perspective.) In the past, philosophers were revered by many. Often they had their own schools and followings. They were employed by the most powerful people people of their time. It is important for us as a society to realize that in order to grow as a society, we need to put more emphasis on thinking and thinking about our own thinking.



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